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Our Roots

The legendary meeting between Tagima and Marutec happened in 1996. At that time Tagima was a well known underground brand, and Marutec was a major musical instrument and electronics importer known for its strength and fast growing. Gleaming with growth opportunities Marutec committed itself to introducing a new personality to the Tagima brand. Adding a huge new factory with quality materials and expanded areas to meet the growing market demands. The major investments began.

Our Guitars

Created by one of the best luthier's in the world - The genius Marcio Zaganin is currently responsible for production, quality control and development of new products manufactured in Brazil and abroad with the highest standard of quality control. The manufactures of these products in other countries is closely monitored by the companies technical representatives and often by Márcio's own eyes. Tagima Guitars stand apart from other guitar manufactures due to our obcession to create the best sounding instruments.


our mission

Despite many achievements there is no feeling of accomplishment.
There is only a feeling of permanent evolution and perfectionism
to make the best guitars and basses.